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How to sell when you hate selling

Selling…AARRRGGGHH… You wanna die…. No you are a life saver!!! Because people want to be helped, they want to improve their lives, they want to buy solutions to their problems. Whether that’s help with their business, their complexion, their thinning hair, their leaky diapers, their diabetes, or the amount of time they spend creating a proposal (hint, hint).
Rather than pushing the features of your product or service, look at the benefits you can offer. Stop thinking of yourself as a product pusher and instead think of yourself as a problem solver, a life saver!
Instead of saying, “I hate selling!”; say, “I love solving!”.

Selling is a lot easier and more enjoyable when you’re providing something someone needs. They’ll be more receptive to your pitch, more likely to say yes, and more appreciative about how you helped them, thus establishing a relationship of trust that could encourage future sales.
Validate your leads and find the people with a problem you can solve.