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Think of your business as a human being

When companies develop strategies for engaging with consumers, they often think in terms of numbers: website traffic, subscribers, followers, likes, and views. While this makes perfect sense for reporting to the C-suite, it only tells part of the story. In today’s ever-increasing automated environment – where finding a customer service number on a website, then actually reaching a human being, is often the equivalent of getting a UN treaty signed–it’s crucial to remember that relationships with consumers are actually sustained with consistent, high-quality engagement over time.

The days of transactional and impersonal relationships between brands and their customers are swiftly losing favor. Consumers want to be treated like stakeholders, partners, and most importantly, human beings. Here are 6 questions to ask yourself to get your company a little more homo sapien-friendly and a little less robotnik-oriented to win customer loyalty in 2022.